«BIOMETRICS», Ukrainian competition of industrial design "Bright Idea"

Kyiv 2014

Nomination “Decorative lights Murano style ARTE DI MURANO”



Aleksandr Dronov


BIOMETRICS – an attempt to support the idea of ​​uniqueness of all in this world. The image on the shade of a fingerprint – a sign of individuality. Technology "inkalmo" gives many variations of one pattern. The next "mark" is not like the previous one, and therefore, each lamp is one of a kind. In functional terms BIOMETRICS – is a floor lamp that is used as a lamp or a light over the dining table, for example, terraces, verandas, where design spaces not provided ceiling lights. BIOMETRICS is great to use in restaurants. It focuses light from dining area, adding light room space complexity. Lamp quite mobile because of its design. The frame of metal tubes and rods, and transient freely lies at the basis of weighting compound Murano easily move the lamp. The shape of the frame enables convenient BIOMETRICS place at the table. Light from the lamp shade diameter 60 cm covers a large area of ​​the horizontal surface. This is achieved by radiation corner 120 degrees selected light source (LED lamp Kreonix G9 24SMD), and the lampshade form and how it works as a reflector. Lampshades made in the technique “inkalmo” white translucent glass, which installed filaments of dark glass. In the future, based on BIOMETRICS can create a series of fixtures consisting of floor, ceiling lamps, table lamps and sconces.

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