A two-level apartment in Kharkiv


Sergiy Ilchenko

project leader

Kateryna Veprytska

shop drawings

A two-level apartment is located in a club type residential house designed by Drozdov & Partners architectural bureau on Potebni str., 6 in Kharkiv. The design program differs a bit from a standard one for two-level apartments, where the public zone is located on the first level and the second level is occupied by the private zone with bedrooms. The living room in this project is located above an open space, which unites the hallway, kitchen and dining room, and the masters’ bedroom is located above the block of children rooms. The interior was built on the accessories, lamps and furniture of Eichholtz company, they were the protagonists in the stylistic solution of the interior. It is difficult to define the style of decisions, as the first and second levels of the apartment have different solutions. On the second level the design of master bedroom, the fireplace area and Eicholtz style are supported by the style of the interior. On the first level the modern interpretation of spaces, the concrete ceiling, brick walls in children rooms are the background for classic accessories. There is also much more integrated furniture used on the first level. The filling of the interior can be seen as a mix of European and Ukrainian object design, as many brands like Levantin Design, KUBIS, P.S., WoodWork are already branded on our market. Another attribute of project’s stylistic duality is a big amount of open volumes, for example the parents’ bathroom.

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