Following the Light

The apartment of 109 square meters.
Kharkiv, 2016,
Photos: Sergiy Solonskiy


Sergiy Ilchenko

project leader

Anastasia Serednitska

development of project documentation

The design of the apartment was considered as a search for a balance between the private and public, the closed and open.
The challenge was that most of the volume was far away from daylight. It is the light that forms the planning structure; according to the life scenario, we either go towards the light, or we follow it.
Installing the partitions that don’t reach the ceiling and integrating the built-in pieces of furniture into the clear blocks rather set the ways for movement and form certain areas of the public part of the space.
Horizontal lines are a certain basic theme that connects individual parts. The technical premises are located in a poorly lit part and divide the private and public spaces.
Certain rhythms of mirrored and dull surfaces revive the laconic solution.
The child- and adult-friendly design of the apartment does not attempt to dominate, it is rather a background for its residents.

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