Library in Copenhagen, 2015

Young Architects Competition “CANactions”, 2015

This is an example of implementing actual architectural graphics that complements the work with the complex three-dimensional structure. The project has a well-structured morphological model.


Mariia Pavliuk

Graduation work

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The sense of the sea
The library building grows out of the brick surrounding buildings, demonstrating the openness and lightness. In the daytime, it tactfully stands among the senior companions, and in the evening a new life spills out onto the embankment with a ligature of new codes. The building seems to be suspended above the ground, giving cyclists protection from the rain and the possibility to park. The green of the parks crawls onto the roof of the building placed at children’s disposal; the observation platform also being available for the guests of the city. Availability and openness are the basic meanings of the library structure, which has a sufficient number of units for the functions that are to appear yet.
The starting point was to create the public building that would match the surrounding buildings in terms of materials, structure and height and, at the same time, would be unique and open to visitors. Thus, the “open” unit with the rallings and the “closed” brick units appear, on which the internal structure of the library is also based. The face of the building directly reflects its functional content. In the open area there is the atrium – a zone of free communication, surrounded by ramps. In the brick blocks, the isolated rooms for group work and activities are located. There are also single cubicles for reading (working, studying) in private. On each floor there are zones provided for book stocks.

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