Land Art Winter Festival "Mifohenez"

Vinnitsa, 2015

The installation at the land art winter festival marked the architecture students’ first encounter with artistic practices. The project led to gaining interesting experience of how the magic of a place influences the creation of an installation.

Nemyriv settlement is an area where man and environment start to conflict, while factors of nature, time and geography form the place for creating a new natural space. Scythian banks become the ground for things that would have interfered with this environment, but in fact they miraculously blend and produce the new context. The boundary of the settlement – an opening between two hills – is the scene.

The burnt hill symbolizes night, the grass hill – day. Above them there is a cube floating, created of bushes. The silhouette balances at the point of equinox – between day and night, area and volume, myth and reality. The object becomes an integral part of the natural landscape. A straw track starts from there, leading to the “place for contemplation”.


Serhii Ilchenko


Dariia Voitenko

Lina Polianskaia

Anastasiia Soloviova

Irina Sheptuha

Serhii Mamzitov

Dmitro Nosovskyi

Oleksii Vavushka

Vlad Vietlitskyi

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